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Integrated Immigration Solutions:

– Full & customized visa case management
– Skills Assessment Assistance
– Migration Review Tribunal Appeals
– Ministerial Intervention Requests
– Migration Status Resolution
– On-going Compliance Monitoring
– Corporate Consulting & Solutions
– Full bilingual consultation & support where required

Australian Migration Legislation can be complicated and difficult to navigate.

Here’s why you should consider seeking professional advice from a Registered Migration Agent.

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– There are currently approx. 130 visa subclasses (not including the streams within the subclasses). This doesn’t include the subclasses no longer available for application, but which may still have outstanding applications being processed and/or for which there are valid visa holders.

– Each subclass/stream has its specific criteria & purpose, and even though some criteria may appear similar, they can be quite different depending on the specific visa and/or individual case.

– The number to be issued each year per visa group is set according to market needs & trends.

– The subclasses/streams available, and their criteria, change according to market needs & trends.

– The Migration Act, Migration Regulations & relative Ministerial Resolutions comprise the Australian migration legislation, and its implementation by DIBP is guided by the official policy of the Department. It is noted that there are other Australian Acts that are implicated in migration legislation, and others from which migration legislation is exempted.

General scope of Australian Migration Legislation:

– Provide a gateway for people who will provide benefit and/or development to the Australian economy & society. This is continuously assessed and changes according to the market needs & trends.

– Meet Australian obligations under humanitarian conventions to which Australia is a signatory.

– Protect Australian society & Australian values.